Michelle Higgs is a wife and mother and an organizer at heart. Born in northern California, she grew up in southern Texas in the Rio Grande Valley, moving to Indiana with her family when she was 14. After graduating from Martinsville High School, she attended a performing arts school in Cambridge, ON, Canada, where she met her future husband. After marrying Simon Higgs, a dual US/UK citizen, she lived for two years in England and experienced first-hand the benefits of Universal Healthcare. Returning stateside, they spent over 25 years in Los Angeles, where she worked in “Big 5” accounting, software development, co-founded a successful .com, and theater management. They have three children across a wide age span (Millennial, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha!). Soon after the birth of their youngest, they decided to return to Indiana to be near family. 

She has held faith and nonprofit positions ranging from church member, to Board member, to youth pastor and worship leader, in various denominations including Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopalian/Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist, Vineyard, Foursquare, Pentecostal and non-denominational.  As a worship leader, she participated in many nondenominational parachurch movements and recorded a live solo worship album Healing Rooms

Michelle is an active member of the Poor People’s Campaign, Faith in Indiana, Medicare 4 All Indiana, and Hoosier Action. Passionate about justice that brings together the voices of the most vulnerable and marginalized, she has participated in several campaigns, including fighting for pregnant worker accommodations at the state and federal levels, participating in direct actions against corporations that put profits over people and most recently, participating in a nationwide campaign “Care Over Cost” with People’s Action in Washington DC, where she publicly spoke on behalf of the more than 1000 people gathered in front of the American Health Insurance Plans trade organization.

She is now running for State Representative for Indiana’s House District 60 to continue to advocate for her community.