Healing Rooms
Michelle Higgs
2005 | NSA Records

You are invited to spend a quiet moment "soaking" in the Lord. Take off your shoes, make yourself comfortable and rest in the presence of God. Healing Rooms includes songs written by David Ruis, Brent Helming & Tim Hughes.

"These soaking times are meant to prepare our hearts to hear God's Word, enter into intimate worship and empower us in the Holy Spirit for the healing work He is about to do. This is a safe place. I encourage you to enter into a time of rest, listen to God and receive all the He has for you." - Michelle Higgs

Recorded live on March 31st 2005 at Tujunga United Methodist Church, Tujunga, California, this album captures a "Soaking Time" at the Healing Rooms of Sunland/Tujunga.

Produced by Simon Higgs

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Rating: 8/10 "Thanks to some haunting piano arrangements this album creates a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere... ...there is plenty of space to allow Michelle's excellent voice to weave its magic and I'm really pleased that the decision was made to keep things simple and to not overdo things. This is an excellent CD, even more so when you consider it is an independent release." - Robin Thompson, CrossRhythms